notbilliejoe said: You're not overreacting. That's a horrible thing for someone to say, especially someone who has influence over a lot of people. Shame on them.

Yeah that’s my point. Just a bit gutted really, all feels a little backwards to me. Plus he didn’t need to retweet his reply to me - that was a bit like throwing me to the dogs.

Anonymous said: (same anon) Woah, that escalated quicly. Let's not compare calling a girl a bitch and rape jokes, cause that's a whole nother thing, and that is definitely not ok. Point is, what if it were a girl who wrote "i almost slapped that prick"? Would your reaction have been different? If not then, you're probably not overreacting, and that's just your normal reaction, if so though, I would take a couple of minutes to think about this whole situation.

It’s not about being called a bitch, it’s adding that to the joke about slapping one. And it does escalate like that, it’s the same mentality.

Anonymous said: I think you may be overreacting a little. Yeah, calling a girl a bitch or saying you almost slapped her (which I'm sure he wasn't really going to do) isn't nice, but seriously, is it really that big of an issue? She said the guy "couldn't like his band cause he's too happy", I'd be pissed off at that chick too if she told me something like that.

Just because he wasn’t ACTUALLY going to slap her, that makes it ok? So in that case, it’s ok for someone to joke about rape cause they’re totally not even gonna do it so it’s ok.

All I did was retweet saying I was a little disappointed in Jaret for retweeting it. And no, I don’t think that’s a justified reaction to someone saying you can’t listen to a certain type of music (which is a total NON problem and I would laugh off such a thing.)

Anonymous said: totally agree with you, that's some real dick move from that BFS guy.

Right? I’m not over reacting, am I? His fans were allowed to ridicule me for being upset by a choice of words and not once did he step in

I need to vent!

Ok so longtime bowling for soup fan. Just now, Jaret Reddick retweeted about someone saying he ‘almost slapped a bitch’ for saying she shouldn’t listen to BFS. I was a bit disappointed he would tweet something like that so, I replied.

He replied and retweeted to his time line saying it was in jest so basically that makes it ok. He then responded to someone who pointed out that BFS’ first big hit was called The Bitch Song so surely I shouldn’t be upset? Right? So then comes a slew of tweets basically agreeing, saying they find the whole thing ‘amusing’ - even women! I didn’t get a single tweet from anyone even remotely on the same page as me. Then to top it off, I feel as though I was the reason behind another tweet by one of Jaret’s friends who also has thousands of followers, (and called ‘negative’) though I might just be paranoid.

So yeah. Am I right to be ever so slightly gutted? Not just for that fact that someone I respected thinks it’s ok to joke about abuse cause ‘it’s all in jest’, but the fact I was then put out on blast for it, knowingly misquoted and misunderstood? Am I over reacting? It IS problematic, right? The guy in question literally did get it. He didn’t get the problem. I tried to say that’s my whole point, but I don’t think it helped.

Thanks for the last ten years, American Idiot


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I hope this is needless to say but, yeah, don’t go putting your iPhone in the microwave. People have believed these pranks before and well, it’s not a pretty sight!

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Green Day - American Idiot

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Manchester Dogs Home

There was a fire tonight at Manchester Dogs Home. It’s been open over a hundred years and police have already arrested someone for arson. Over 40 dogs have died and that’s likely to rise. There’s a page to donate here:

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