who wears a back pack to an awards ceremony hey billie

cabotgal said: You don't half get some random asks...

Tell me about it and that’s only the start!

Being bored/restless/can’t sleep = me making a couple of summery billie iphone wallpapers

so yeah

Anonymous said: well there's a green day song called rusty James and if they ever play it live it its always just done acoustic and on the album its a full band song Any guess why they would do that / do you know of any of bands doing something similar

i’m not sure, i guess sometimes they maybe haven’t rehearsed it beforehand or something or perhaps billie just pulls it out of his arse at last minute or something? i dunno

Anonymous said: Hey do you know of any good movies on at the pictures atm

i don’t D: i’m really out of touch. haven’t been to see a film in ages honestly

queer-bucket said: Dude did you meet Billie?!

nah man

Anonymous said: Where'd you meet billie?

I didn’t?

Anonymous said: Did u edit the picture of billie where he looks :) /with the red line?

Yep :)

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